Earth Turning Consciousness: An Exercise in Planetary Awareness

Earth Turning Consciousness: An Exercise in Planetary Awareness



This book is a response to the thousands of people who have been asking for a follow up to the journey they have begun with us at Astro Tours.

Greg Quicke has been delivering intensely practical astronomy in live performance to tens of thousands of people since 1995. His live star shows in Broome, Western Australia, are packed out all through the 'dry' season when the skies are consistently clear. Other Australian and international locations are increasingly on the play-list for Greg's stimulating articulations of the sky.

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, the earth's rotation will have carried you 10 or 11 kilometres away from where you started, the earth's journey around the sun will have thrown you 7 or 8 hundred kilometres along its orbit and our entire solar system will have travelled 6 or 7 thousand kilometres through space on its way around the Milky Way Galaxy. Are you having fun yet?

This book is a manual that you can use to see these movements for yourself and make them real in your life.

"Why didn't anyone show us this before?" is the most common question we hear at Astro Tours.

You will discover how easy it is to:

  •        See which way the earth is turning;
  •        See which way the earth is going around the sun;
  •        Make these movements a real part of your life;
  •        Learn to speak as if these movements are real; and
  •        Learn to step into earth turning consciousness.
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