We love corporate events and can set one up from scratch or come to your event and add our special magic to its spectacle. Here’s a few options for you:


Greg Quicke speaks from the heart in a way that people seem to appreciate. ‘When I first started talking about stars I thought I was saying stuff that everyone had already figured out.' ‘Keep talking was the immediate response,’ This let Greg know the importance of sharing the simplest things about the other worlds. Even those in the know will comment, ‘wow, I never thought of it like that before’.


Greg is increasingly in demand to speak at events Australia wide, wether it be a few days at a remote North Queensland school, a corporate presentation at Sydney Observatory, a talk at your local astronomical society or a guest appearance for a crazy bunch of old car enthusiasts on an outback jaunt. We can do this outside under the stars or in your 2500 seat auditorium. The basics start out at $3300 for a 50 minute talk plus airfares from Greg’s home in Broome and usually a couple of nights accommodation. If you want him for longer, we can talk about it. We offer the following scenarios in Broome, although if you want them in other locations, we can talk about that too.


You can have the lot with big telescopes, tables set with white linen under glorious Kimberley skies and a chef feeding you your choice of catering styles while you listen to some home grown live music inspired by the very land you find yourself in! 

Coordinating the event, you’ll have access to Greg’s half-a-lifetime of experience living under the stars to entertain you with some mind blowing insights into our local area of space using electric green lasers to point out stars, constellations and deep space delights.

A night of large and quality telescopes, fine food, entertainment and unforgettable memories that will exceed your expectations. Let us know your budget. 


This is the one for your small group intent on having uninhibited access to Greg's powerful revelation inducing insights for a few hours under some awesome Kimberley skies. We'll pull out the high-end telescopes and take the night in any astronomical direction you would like to take it, following up with some campfire time as the ideas start to flow. You can eat before you come, after you go back to town, bring your own catering or have us set up some catering so that you can settle in for the night. Bring your swag if you are really serious. Starting at $9900 including GST.


We bring a couple of big telescopes to your event in or around Broome. Greg jumps in using lasers and powerful analogy to introduce you to the sky in a way you may never have thought about before. 

We’ll work around your catering and coordinate your event into a memorable and entertaining night with astronomical titbits and spectacular telescopic views mixed in between hors -douvres, main course and desert. Talk to us about your proposed location and we will let you know how well it will work. Starting at $9900 including GST.


Fly Greg into your exotic or outback location with a selection of high-end telecopes for that special insight into some powerful country, sea and sky. A light plane, a 5 inch Apochromat Refractor (look it up) and Greg Quicke all to yourself. Starting at $9900 including GST plus extra days.


Greg comes to your event and walks on with lasers blazing and a presentation that will blow your mind. Telescopes are one thing. Finding out about where you are in the universe is another. 

You can have Greg for a quick 10 minute WOW around the sky or put him on for an hour with time for questions that relate to the nature of reality itself. We leave the telescopes home for this one so your set up costs are minimal with still enough punch to have you talking all night. Starting at $3300 in Broome and $6600 for the away from home gigs Australia wide, including GST.


We can do all of the above Broome events for your group of 2, 6, 10, 30 or 200. Our 'Bare Bones' presentation easily caters for larger groups, occasionally running into the thousands at events like the Shinju Matsuri finale at the Cable Beach Amphitheatre. We run a regular 2 hour show, Broome's Astronomy Experience, on a weekly schedule at our Astro Tours Bush Launchpad. These regular events fill up with individual bookings of 120 people a night using a fleet of serious telescopes and designer tiered swivel seating grandstands.



Book any of these events for your most valued clients and have absolute confidence in us providing them with an experience that is truly out of this world. Here are some of our treasured corporate clients: