"Giving people a living breathing conscious experience of being on a planet that is turning as it hurtles through space is our most profound task with Astro Tours.

With this experience comes an ability to see things for what they really are, to see yourself in relation to the whole and to know that everything is on track. So relax, have fun and enjoy the ride."

Greg Quicke



Broome's Astronomy Experience a 2-hour educational and entertaining mind bender using big telescopes, lasers and fun under some of the best stargazing skies on the planet. 

You'll find Greg Quicke running star shows for the public from April to October at the Astro Tours dark site an easy (for any type of car) 20 minutes drive out of Broome, Western Australia. We provide a transfer option if you don't have a car.


The availability schedule comes up when you click the  booking button. With a growing national and international TV presence, availability of Greg to run the public star shows in Broome is at a premium. We recommend that you check the online schedule and book now to make sure to get in on the night that you want. We recommend that you make a booking for early in your visit to Broome (depending on the moon phase of course). This will give you some fallback dates just in case of a cancellation due to weather or any other cause.


You can cancel or change your booking via email or phone with no charge at any time with half a days notice.


The shows run at different times on different nights starting as early as 6pm and as late as 8pm for the 2 hour show. This allows us to access different parts of the ever changing sky. For instance, if there are planets around early in the night, they may be gone by the later start time. Or perhaps there are late rising planets that you will only see on a late show. Every night of the year is different! We adjust show times to suit moonrises, later sunsets after equinox in September and other planetary conditions.


Starting from 2 or 3 days after full moon are the dark sky nights running all the way through to almost 1st quarter moon, 2 1/2 weeks later. These nights are ideal, giving us access to deep space and all that it has to offer.


There is a week following 1st quarter moon and ending 2 days after full moon when the bright moon makes it difficult to see anything except the brightest stars and planets. We run a few nights early in this week for those who simply must come and close for the rest. The detail on the moon itself is absolutely amazing in our telescopes! We still make a great night of it, although if you have a choice, choose the dark moon nights.


Coming out with us once will give you a snapshot in time of our continuous journey through space. Coming regularly will build on this and reinforce what we started together while adding in other elements that really can only be gained by you experiencing them through the passage of time. We measure this time with the very journey of our planet through space! To consciously experience this journey will literally take you time! Season Tickets are available.


While we are setting you up to watch the earth turn and to achieve Earth Turning Consciousness in your life, we'll teach you star names, constellations and where to find the planets. We'll reinforce this as much as we can throughout the night with the idea of you finding at least a few things in the sky the next night with confidence!


You can opt for: A HOTEL MINIBUS TRANSFER, or save yourself some $$ with an easy for any car, 20 minute SELF DRIVE to our dark site next to the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park on the Broome Highway. Drive and parking instructions come on your booking confirmation email.


Our starshows are directed at the ADULT MIND although your well behaved children with a good attention span are welcome! Please consider this carefully when booking in with children, particularly on our late shows. The little ones do tend to go to sleep!


The show includes hot chocolate, biscuits and Breaking News! We are testing some new improved comfy stargazing chairs this year! This will be great news for our regulars who will be used to our folding camp stools.


Bring binoculars if you have some. Otherwise, use ours! We sell them too!



IMPORTANT: Night time temperatures at our bush site can drop to less than 10 degrees during June, July and August. Bring warm clothing, covered footwear is best and most importantly, a ready, clear and sharp mind!


PRICES 2017/18



Adult: $75

Child (u/16): $45


Adult: $95

Child (u/16): $65


Our prices are set to reflect commissions, GST and credit card fees as well as the fact that unlike other operations that may be able run multiple tours per day, we have one time slot per day and we rely on Greg being rested and sharp so that he can deliver the best for you. We are also totally dictated to by the weather including a wet season that shuts us down for 5 months of the year. Having said that, we are very approachable to adjust prices in genuine cases of need if the request is accompanied by a smile. The setup each night is intense with up to half a ton of telescopes to be lifted and set up before you arrive and the same heavy lifting after you have gone home. This is the bit you pay for. You get the show for free!