The BBC rocked into my life in 2016 after 21 years of live performance to what amounted to an underground and organic crowd that created their own groundswell of Earth Turning Consciousness, either by their own insights or those they gained through interactions with me at Astro Tours. I’m guessing that around 100 000 people have joined me under the stars so far, with at least one of them a BBC producer who plucked me from the bush and onto the world stage. My real home is still a swag with the stars pouring into my forehead as I sleep and journey off to the other worlds.

Below are links to; the BBC and ABC series of Stargazing Live where I play the Practical Astronomer to Professor Brian Cox’s Theoretical Partical Physicist and my own multi-award winning ABC 10 part series, A Stargazers Guide to the Cosmos, as well as various other links to interviews, articles and Conversations with Richard Fidler.


STARGAZING LIVE 2017. Greg Quicke, (#SpaceGandalf), and Professor Brian Cox team up for 6 shows on the 1st series of the BBC's Stargazing Live 2017 program and the ABC's version of Stargazing Live 2017. Watch the reruns here.

 STARGAZING LIVE 2018 on IView for ABCTV  with Greg Quicke, (#SpaceGandalf), Professor Brian Cox, Julia Zemiro, Kumi Taguchi, Dr Lisa Harvey Smith, Alan Duffy and more.

Nas Daily on facebook made this 1 minute video in Broome with Greg Quicke. In 2 days it got 1.2 million views. Have  a look to see how many its got now! 

Greg Quicke's 10 part TV series, A Stargazers Guide to the Cosmos, is now available for binge watching on ABC's IView.

8 of these parts have also been made into a 1 hour special edition of A Stargazers Guide to the Cosmos show on ABCTV in May 2018 and still available on iView.

The Back to Earth panel with Brian Cox, Julia Zemiro, Chris Lintott, Alan Duffy and Greg Quicke #SpaceGandalf

Listen to Greg Quicke and Richard Fidler on the ABCs 1 hour radio podcast, 'Conversations' here.

Listen to Alan Duffy's Cosmic Vertigo podcast on Stargazing Live 2018 with Greg Quicke.

To buy Greg's Earth Turning Consciousness book and other astronomy books and starcharts come and see us at Gallery Sobrane. You are going to want to visit Sobrane's Gallery anyway because it is beautiful!

Here's some links to previous TV shows

Songlines of Indigenous Australians

Astronomer Greg Quicke learns from Dr Noel Nannup how Indigenous Australians read the night sky, and how ancient pathways are helping people navigate this vast land even today.

Is the Moon upside down?

Astronomer Greg Quicke gets in a spin to explain why the night sky looks different in Australia compared to the UK.

Coral and the Moon

Astronomer Greg Quicke finds out how unlocking coral's unique relationship with the Moon could help scientists save the Great Barrier Reef.