How would you like to spend some time with Greg Quicke under the awesome night skies of the wild Kimberley region of Western Australia? Volunteering at Greg Quicke's Astro Tours will let you do just that for a week, a month, 3 months or more! What's the deal? You help me and I will help you. Instead of paying for an educational series of tours tracking and tuning into the progress of the earth going around the sun, you get to help with the setup to pay your way.


You'll learn check in procedures, help set out chairs and usher people to their chairs in the dark. You get to stir our famous hot chocolate, making sure that everyone gets one. You'll learn how to set up and use telescopes. They are big. There will be some heavy lifting. You'll be helping to guide people to the eyepieces and while you are at it, you'll pick up some familiarity with the ever changing night sky so that you can help let people know what they are seeing. 


In return, you get to sit down and enjoy the show each night. You get to set the telescopes and to play with them to your hearts content after everyone has gone home. There is a progression with every night being a slightly different presentation because the earth has moved that bit further around the sun week by week and month by month. Absorbing everything that Greg talks about on a regular show is nigh on impossible too, so you get to reinforce it and build it into your own life experience. 


You will be physically, emotionally and mentally fit, clean living, presentable, smoke free and ready to learn. You will be able to respond to the needs of the people on the night and to take instruction easily. You might be an astronomy or astrophysics student, keen to add some practicality to your theoretical and academic studies. You might be post graduate looking to broaden your horizons. You might be a budding or experienced astro photographer. You might even have a lifetime of experience under the sky yourself and simply want to gain some new perspectives and contribute some of your own. You might also simply see this as your next calling, your next step in life, tuning into a journey that you are already on


If this sounds like you and you can commit a block of time to this, you would be required for 3 or more nights a week for up to 5 hours a night to run the 2 hour show. You’ll need to be available for a 4pm start on site and you'll be finished by the civilised hour of 9pm. The schedule each month is laid out in our Event Calendar. This would leave you free to work a day job or take on night work on the nights with nothing on the schedule. There is no remuneration as we will be exchanging services. However, in some cases and as you learn and become more useful to the whole setup, there are some paid positions. There is some flexibility in the hours and in the days. Communication is gold! 


It is easier if you have your own car. If not we can sort you out with a ride. You will need your own accommodation in Broome, Western Australia. Our stargazing season runs from April through October although there will be breaks in that schedule when I will be filming for television, off running corporate stargazing gigs in exotic locations or up the coast camping out on a writing retreat.


To apply, send an email from the Contact page with VOLUNTEER PROGRAM as the title. Tell me who you are and why you think this would be a good thing for you and for Astro Tours and for the rest of humanity too. Let me know your best availability and how long you can commit. We'll go through a trial period to see if we are good for each other. We'll do our best to allocate you the time slot that you have asked for.


Sharing the night sky is my passion. Having you come help to spread our mission statement message even further is my aim.

"Giving people a living breathing conscious experience of being on a planet that is turning as it hurtles through space is our most profound task with Astro Tours.

With this experience comes an ability to see things for what they really are, to see yourself in relation to the whole and to know that everything is on track. So relax, have fun and enjoy the ride."

Greg Quicke