The people who come on Astro Tours are awesome in their own right. They are old, they are young, they are rich, they are budget conscious and they are everything in between. They come from all walks of life from the labourers to the highly educated. Some of them already have a deep knowledge and a degree and more often they are people who may be looking at a dark sky for the first time in their life. The only common thing that I see with all of them is the spark in their eye. And yes, it is so bright that I can see it clearly in the dark! This is my review of the sort of people who have joined me at Astro Tours over the past 2 and a half decades. Very rarely do we get anyone who isn't really meant to be there, although it can happen that the occasional person turns up for the wrong reasons. Although I guess there are no wrong reasons. We generally don't book group tours in because some of the people are only coming because they are a part of the group. The people who find us, are generally independent thinkers and they find us at the right time in their life. They are switched on and ready for whatever is next. If this is you, then come and join us and I will love you just as much as I love every one of you who has been before. I see Astro Tours as an organism with all of us, you the customers, you the regulars, you the volunteers and staff and you the stars and planets and galaxies above participating in a universe that is smiling and breathing and encouraging us all the way.